Home Port - The Game

 Home Port is a shipping themed board game, designed to bring people together around a journey of fun, concentration and celebration. Home Port incorporates economic principles such as supply and demand, cash-flow, buying and selling of both natural resources and containerised goods, as well as various real-life applications affecting the world of shipping and international trade. The pick-up-and-delivery mechanism adds an exciting flow to the game, while the systematic movement of sailing ships across the map creates an awareness of physical and time constraints. The overall aim of the game is to acquire 7 Game Point Tokens first, combining strategic planning, fleet expansion, turnaround improvement and financial escalation. 

A unique game-play system ensures no-one is left bored while others are busy thinking, strategising or boggles their minds over all the many events taking place across the table. 

Home Port will have you reaching for more, thrilled in the enjoyment of the game. 

Welcome to Homeport. The ultimate shipping-trade board game.